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Kit Cars

I got the kit car bug when visiting the Motor Show back in the early 80s and there she was - the Madison.  Wow!  And then to find out this was a car you built yourself?  What a great idea.  Totally irrelevant that I had no mechanical experience whatsoever and very little spare time.  Mere detail!

Either way I did a lot of research and ended up going for the JBA Falcon - and it didn’t finish up being sold as an unfinished project. I actually got her on the road (after many years).  However, with setting up my own business recently she has been languishing in the garage but I’m determined to get her up and running again.  She is a sad sight, as she has languished in the garage for so long and I don’t have the time or money to get her on the road again

Open top motoring - one of the best feelings in the world

VX: A Sport for the 21st Century