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Ryedale School - Class of 1970 Reunions

Ryedale School has its own website

Ryedale School Appreciation page on FaceBook

Were you at Ryedale School? Did you start in 1970? Yes? Then these are the pages where we have recorded your reunions.
Were you in a different year group but have had reunions? If so - let us have the details and we'll put links to your reunions on here.

The last committee had to stop due to pressures of work so there have been no Class of 1970 reunions since 2000

The web site will continue. I hope to find some time to improve the site and to optimise the images rather better. We hope you will use the site as a contact point. Please help us with the following:

You can contact me on: pmh@vxinternational.com

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