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Pool - Electrics

You can see from the above plan of the garden how the electricity has to be redone. I need to run 16mm armoured cable
all the way up the garden.

(a) it has to go under the floor of the house and under the patio to the freezer room where it will terminate and be split
(b) from the freezer room a feed will go to the new garage and a feed will go up to the summerhouse in the naturist area
(c) from the summerhouse a feed will go to the existing garage -
the cable for this section has now been laid
(d) from the garage a feed will go to the shed and will feed the pool
I have the 16mm armoured cable and I have also bought the BCCI MultiPlus for the outside lighting in the naturist area. Once
I get the armoured cable laid I will need to go an buy the termination and distribution units for the various buildings (and then,
of course, there is the matter of sockets and lights etc in the buildings...)

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