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Sauna - Ventilation


Two vents are required in a sauna. One comes in just above floor level close to the stove. This provides a fresh air supply. The other one needs to be as far away as possible to remove stale air. This second (discharge) vent is noramlly high level (but not closer than 200mm) from the ceiling. This provides maximum ventilation.

If this is not possible, the discharge vent can be placed at a low level (but not closer than 150mm from the floor).

In my project I have the added complication that the wall where I would place the discharge vent is an external wall. I am told that the discharge vent should not vent directly to the outside. The solution I have come up with is as follows:

Vent into sauna: this will come from near the stove. A problem is that this vent will come from an under stairs area therefore there will not be much fresh air. Therefore an extra vent has been put from the understairs area to the outside.
Discharge vent: I am using a high level vent. From the sauna this will be ducted into the void above the ceiling. An extra vent has been installed from this area direct to the outside. This means that neither vent is direct to the outside.

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