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Sauna Diary

When we had the extension built we had a space included for a sauna. The space is only small - it's a family size sauna to hold 4 or 5 people. Unfortunately the space is affected by the staircase which cuts across one corner of the ceiling.

This means that it won't be possible to simply buy a kit and install it - it's going to have to be a DIY custom build. Oh well, I've built a car, surely I can manage a sauna!

We had the extension put up in 1993 and the space is still without a sauna. The reason for that is that there were simply other calls on the money - we had neither the cash nor the time.

However, the time is approaching where I can make a proper start.

1993: the sauna space was constructed along with the extension. When the electrician wired the extension he also put in dedicated wiring for the sauna so I don't have to worry about that.
1994: in preparation for working on the sauna I got hold of a booklet from Nordic 'How to Build and Equip Your Own Nordic Sauna' which gives plans and construction details for a sauna built from scratch. Since then I've found details on the Internet and in some magazines. Generally I come back to the Nordic booklet for the big picture and will adjust matters of detail from the magazine articles and information given by other people who've built their own saunas.
1998: I make a start - but only by making the holes for the ventilation. Of the four walls of the sauna space, two and a half are external walls. One wall goes under the stairs and into a shower area, the other half is against the living room
2001: I feel we're ready to get going. I visit someone who has already built a sauna and get advice and I buy the timber for creating the airgap. But - other projects seem to get in the way - business, swimming pool, work, other diy projects. The timber for the airgaps is still sitting in the garage waiting to be done...
Feb 2002: tile battens installed ready to take Viskween for air gap
April 2002: at last make some more progress: Viskween is fitted. It stinks! I'm presuming that the smell will have dissipated before the sauna is finished
Sept 2002: I haven't made any more progress since April. Priorities changed as we found we needed a new garage and I was pulled more to working in the garden.

2010: still nothing ...  Events have overtaken me with family crises, and one thing and another and the sauna has got no further

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