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Herbs - p5 of the  Catalogue

MARSHMALLOW (Althea officinalis)
Perennial Height: up to 6’
This was the original source of the confectionery but the original has little in common with the sugary cubes of today. However the plant has several uses: the leaf is decorative and is added to posies, the seeds can be sprinkled onto salads, the flowers are edible, as are the leaves. The root and the leaves also have cosmetic and medicinal properties.

MULLEIN (Verbascum thrapsus)
Biennial Height: can grow up to 5’
A very striking plant with some medicinal uses, now generally grown as an interest herb. Among other things, it is called Aaron’s Rod and Witch’s Taper.

OREGANO (Origanum vulgare)
Perennial Height: 6” – 2’
Of the same family as the Marjorams and Golden Oregano. It has many culinary uses and is especially popular in Italian cooking.

Perennial Height: 1’6”
Handsome golden variety of Oregano (Oreganum vulgare) which is of the Marjoram family with the same uses. The striking colour of the plant adds a bright splash to the herb bed and also makes an excellent edging plant.


CURLED PARSLEY (Petroselium crispum)
Biennial Height: 10”
Parsley is one of the ‘fines herbes’, a constituent part of bouquet garni and is a must in any kitchen. All parts of the plant are useful and beneficial in medical and cosmetic uses as well as its invaluable uses in cooking. Chewing Parsley freshens the breath after eating garlic.

PINEAPPLE SAGE (Salvia rutilans)
Perennial Height: 2’ — 3’
This is a member of the Sage family but its leaves smell strongly of pineapple and it has no real culinary uses except for putting the leaves in summer drinks. Despite this, it remains a very popular herb.

POPPY, OPIUM (Papaver somniferum)
Annual Height: 2’
This is a very beautiful poppy. It should only be used by trained medical staff, for it is dangerous except, however, the ripe seed which can be used in curries, bread or cakes.

PRIMROSE (Primula vulgaris)
Perennial Height: 3” — 6”
The primrose, is a real favourite, it is a beautiful flower used in both jams and cosmetics. The flowers can also be eaten raw in salads. Both flower and root can be used in pot pourri and can be infused to make a cough remedy. The leaf makes a medicinal tea.

POT MARIGOLD (Calendula officinalis)
Annual Height: 12” — 20”
A very popular and well used herb with various uses — the flowers give colour and a light tangy flavour to all sorts of dishes; dried they add colour to pot pourri and in an infusion they aid digestion. The leaves are used in salads and soups.

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