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Herbs - p4 of the  Catalogue

IRIS, YELLOW FLAG (Iris pseudacorus)
Perennial Height: up to 3’
Light green leaves and beautiful brilliant yellow flowers. Yields a good yellow dye from the flowers and black from the roots.

JACOB’S LADDER (Polemonium coeruleum)
Perennial Height: 18” — 3’
Once used medicinally for headaches, to heal cuts and administered in cases of dysentery. Now grown as an interest herb or simply for its beauty.

LADY’S MANTLE (Alchemilla vulgaris)
Perennial Height: approx 9”
A must in any garden. It has some medicinal uses. It makes a
beautiful edging plant and is very popular with flower arrangers. Very striking with the dew on it.

LAVENDER DWARF MUNSTEAD (Lavendula nana purpurea)
Perennial Height: 1’
A traditional herb, very popular and highly scented. A common usage is to put dried lavender in pot pourri and herb cushions. Lavender has some medicinal and cosmetic uses but has also recently been regaining popularity as a culinary herb. This particular variety makes an excellent edging plant.

LAVENDER HIDCOTE (Lavendula angustifolia)
Perennial Height: 18”
Makes an excellent low hedge.

LEMON BALM (Melissa officinalis)
Perennial Height: 2’ — 3’
A must for a kitchen herb garden. Very fragrant lemon scented plant. It makes a pleasant herb tea which acts as a tonic. It is a useful addition to pot pourri and in the kitchen it is useful whenever a little lemon flavour is needed.

Variegated Lemon Balm
As for Lemon Balm but with the most beautiful variegated leaves.

LOVAGE (Levisicum officinale)
Perennial Height: 3’ — 5’
An important culinary herb with a yeasty—celery taste. Excellent in pasta salad. As with many herbs it also has medicinal & cosmetic uses.

MACE (Achillea Decolorans)
Perennial Height: 1’6”
This is NOT the outer covering of nutmeg, but a plant of the same name. The flavour of the leaves is vaguely similar to that of the spice. Flavours soups and sauces.

POT MARJORAM (Origanum onites)
Perennial Height: 1’
A classic culinary herb. The ‘pot’ in the name refers to its use and not where it is grown! Beautifully scented and flavoured.

SWEET MARJORAM (Origanum majorana)
Perennial Height: 1’
Although a perennial it tends to be grown as a half—hardy annual in our climate, but it can be overwintered in pots indoors. It is similar to the Pot Marjoram for all the Marjorams are useful culinary herbs.

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