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Herbs - p3 of the  Catalogue

EVENING PRINROSE (Denothara biennis)
Biennial Height: 3’- 6’
A plant with a most beautiful yellow flower. The root Can be boiled (it tastes like sweet parsnip) or pickled and used in salads. It is coming under increasing attention for its effectiveness in pre--menstrual syndrome, menopausal discomfort, psoriasis and its help in reducing thrombosis and controlling Multiple Sclerosis.

FENNEL (Foeniculum vulgare)
Perennial Height: 3’- 5’
Beautiful feathery foliage. Excellent culinary herb with aniseed flavour, most commonly used with fish but with other applications, too. Also used medicinally because of its digestive properties (and it has a reputation for helping eyesight). Both the seeds and the foliage can be used in cooking. The foliage freezes very well.

Bronze Fennel
As for herb fennel but a striking brown— reddish colour which is popular in flavour arranging.

FEVERFEW (Chrysanthemum parthenium)
Perennial Height: l’6” - 2’
Bright green leaves and daisy-like flowers. It is a herb now attracting attention because of its reputation for helping with arthritis. Also known as Medieval Aspirin and it has recently gained a reputation for aiding migraine sufferers. It self-seeds readily.

Golden Feverfew
As above but golden-green leaves.

GOOD KING HENRY (Chenopodium Bonus Henricus)
Perennial Height: approx 2’
Arrow-Shaped leaves and tiny yellowish-green flowers. The leaves can be used as a spinach substitute.

HEARTSEASE (Viola tricolour)
Annual Height: 6”
This very sweet looking flower has many other names including “Wild Pansy"," Three-Faces-Under-A-Hood” and "Kiss-Her-In-The-Buttery”. It was once cultivated for official medicinal purposes - in Germany until 1926 and it still is official in some Eastern European countries. In the kitchen the flowers can be used in salads.

HEDGE HYSSOP (Granola officinalis)
Perennial Height: 9-12”
Old medicinal herb now grown for interest. It is poisonous end should NOT BE USED FOR SELF-MEDICATION -leave that to the professionals as it still has its uses in homeopathy.

HORSERADISH (Cochlearia Armoracia)
Perennial Height: 2’ - 3’
Vigorous growth. Harvest roots at any time from the established plant. Use in cooking to make horseradish sauce, or a little, grated, gives an interesting tang to sauces, salad dressing etc. It also has some medicinal and cosmetic uses.

HYSSOP (Hyssopus officinalis)
Perennial Height: l -2’
An attractive evergreen bushy herb which makes a good edging plant and is attractive no bees. Has both medicinal and culinary uses -particularly good in soups and stews.

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