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Herbs Catalogue

The catalogue was simply an A5 booklet with short descriptions of the plants etc that we had for sale.

Please note:
we no longer run this business and the extracts below are for interest only
There are 10 pages to the catalogue.

Page 1

ALECOST (Balsamita vulgaris)
Perennial Height: approx 2’
Also called Costmary. It has a Balsam—like scent. The leaves are a good addition to pot-pourri. It has occasional medicinal and culinary uses.

Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum)
Annual Height: 1’ — 2’
Delicious and aromatic culinary herb, particularly good with tomatoes. Also has some medicinal uses and is s useful companion plant to some vegetables, especially tomatoes.

Purple Basil (Ocimum basilicum purpurea)
More compact plant. Beautiful purple leaves.

BAY (Laurus nobilis)
Perennial Height: up to 40’
A very slow growing tree which is often grown in pots. Very important culinary uses — indispensable in many types of cooking. A Bay leaf is an essential ingredient in a “bouquet garni”. We have a good selection of Kitchen Bays and can usually offer or obtain Pyramids or Standards.

BERGAMOT (Monarda didyma)
Perennial Height: 2’— 3’
A very striking flower which retains its colour well when dried and so is good added to pot pourri and teas. Fresh or dried it is very effective in a flower arrangement. The leaf can be made into a tea for medicinal purposes.

BORAGE (Boragino officinalis)
Annual Height: approx 2.5’
Beautiful star shaped flowers which are used in summer drinks and which can also be candied. Young leaves used in salads. Bees love the flowers.

CALAMINT (Calamintha nepeta)
Perennial Height: 1’
An aromatic plant, the leaves of which make a soothing tea which is good for stomach complaints.

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