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Bavaria is my spiritual second home. If I could emigrate, this is where I'd go to. I fell in love with Upper Bavaria in 1976 when I was lucky enough to spend three months in the Sixth Form of a German Grammar School. I had a superb three month spell in Trostberg, meeting wonderful, friendly people in a beautiful area.

Later on (1979-80)I was privileged to spend a year working as a Foreign Language Assistant in Burghausen. I divided my time between the Aventinus Gymnasium (Grammar School) and the Kurfürst Maximilian Gymnasium. Burghausen is a beautiful town on the Austrian border and is famous for its long and elegant castle

I had a super year there - I love the people, the countryside, the food and the beer - well you've all heard of the Oktoberfest, haven't you? Whilst in Bavaria I met nothing but friendship and hospitality. I made loads of friends, some of whom are now more family than friends.

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