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How Do I Get Started?
How Do I Tell People I'm a Naturist?
How Do I Persuade My Wife to Join in?

What if I Get an Erection?

I've always fancied trying naturism, but don't know how to get started

Everybody is different. Some people will prefer the anonymity of a naturist beach, others will prefer the secure environment of stripping off with friends. Others will prefer the anonymity but security of a closed environment like a club. I would suggest that you start by being naked on your own - in your home. Don't wrap yourself in a towel when you go from the bathroom to the bedroom. Is your garden private? If it is, try sunbathing in the nude. When you are ready to be socially naked decide if you would rather be in an anonymous environment or need the security of friends. Sometimes the opportunity just presents itself - eg an evening barbecue by a river and later on some people go skinny-dipping, or you find you are on a secluded beach. It is not a big deal. In a nutshell, how you get started is to take your clothes off - and you're a naturist. There, it's easy isn't it?

How do I tell people I'm a naturist?

Just be open about it - it isn't a big deal and if anyone has a problem, it is their problem. I can only think of one exception to this, and that is where you work with children, not because there is anything wrong with being a naturist but this is an area where other people's prejudice could cause a problem. For example I know teachers who are naturists who do not let it be common knowledge in the staffroom. I used to be a teacher and I never made any secret of it, but that is now 15 years ago and the climate had changed. I now work in an office environment and in all the places I have worked and in social circles I find that responses fall into distinct categories.
'I am too. I just haven't told anyone about it'
In every place I have worked there has been
at least one such response

'I would love to do that. I just haven't dared'
You'd be surprised how many responses like this I get. In the end, quite a few of these people join us.

'I don't know if I could do that. It wouldn't bother me if I someone else were naked, but I'm not sure if I could do it'
And you'd be surprised how many of these people, when they find they are in a 'clothing optional' environment, end up stripping off

Totally anti
These people just can't handle it and wouldn't even be happy in an environment where they are dressed and we are naked. If we go to a swimming pool, these people would not join us in the family cubicle but would have to have a cubicle to themselves.

I find that the 'antis' are a tiny minority. I have only met four. I am totally open about my naturism and find that reaction is very positive. OK, I get a bit of teasing, but it is not malicious and I don't mind having the p**s taken out of me. After all, as I keep saying, it's no big deal!

How do I persuade my wife to join in?

Be open about it - as above. See if there is a naturist beach - you go naked and she doesn't have to. You might well find that she ends up joining in. As it is something totally natural - treat it as such. If there is still a problem there are many sites on the web which deal with naturism specifically from a female point of view. You could show her some of those.
Patti Logan - this would be an excellent starting point


What if I get an erection?

This is a common fear for men starting naturism. As you have guessed, as naturism is not a sexual experience erections are not welcome and are not part of naturist etiquette. But you will find that it probably is not the problem you think it will be - as I said, naturism isn't about sex and you will see bodies of all shapes and sizes and you will become very blasé about it all. If you find you do get an erection in the early days, simply roll over onto your stomach or jump into the pool until the problem has passed.

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