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I've always fancied having a pool in the garden. Even when I was a child. When we moved into our current house I started researching the idea. On our budget an indoor pool would be a non-starter so I started looking into DIY outdoor pools.

The appeared to fall into three categories:

Then our circumstances changed. I left my job, went back to university and we had absolutely zero budget for a swimming pool. It is only recently, as I have completed the studies and started to work again, that we could possibly afford a pool. The naturist area is almost finished and is crying out for a pool, so I started the research all over again. It was noticeable that now, most of the brochures showed aboveground pool kits. Suddenly the project started to look affordable and I was told that above ground pools had increased in both quality and popularity.

We finally got one installed in 2003 - an above ground pool which we partly sunk in-ground . At the moment it has some solar heating but am having some struggles with it.  There is a way to go until we have the area as we want it but it has nevertheless been well-used, some years more than others.  Really, one of the best things we’ve done ...

If you’re doing a similar project and wish to contact me:


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