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Garden Area

Naturist opportunities are very limited round here - our only naturist beach was closed some years ago and that means that the only opportunities are club based. I only have very little spare time and therefore a club membership would not be worth buying. I'm not really club minded in this field either. One of the reasons I enjoy naturism so much is the feeling of freedom. Forcing it into an environment with rules and regulations seems to go against the grain of this. Having said that, I can understand that in a social environment rules are necessary as there will always be some people who spoil it for others. As a result of the lack of opportunities and the mixed feelings about clubs there seemed to be only one route open to me: create my own little naturist corner in the garden.

We have a good-sized garden and an area at the top of the garden gets the sun from mid-morning until late evening. The only problem was that the garden is on a slope. We also have neighbours, of course, but as they are also naturists this isn't a problem. We'd only need to screen from the upstairs windows of the house beyond the immediate neighbours.

Getting the
garden area
prepared ready
for the pool