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I've been interested in history since I was very young. In particular the periods of the Vikings, the Middle Ages and the First World War are what interest me the most.

I clearly need to do some work on this but for the moment all I can do is point you in some directions.


The area where I live was a Viking area. This can be reflected in the North Yorkshire dialect and in the names of many of the towns and villages.

It is also reflected in the Viking Centre in York, where there is also an annual Viking Festival. A few years ago a well preserved Viking settlement was unearthed during development in the city. From that they reconstructed a part of it with figures, buildings, sights, sounds and smells. It has recently been redeveloped and is well worth a visit.

The Vikings had a bad press for a long time with a reputation as horned helmet conquerors who indulged in rape and pillage. They unfortunately didn't get the credit for their skills as settlers, traders, voyagers and farmers. It is now even thought that they discovered America.

Reading the Old Norse sagas gives an intriguing insight into the lives of a proud and noble people. When I did my German degree at the University of Leeds I was able to take a strand of Old Icelandic.


The Middle Ages:

I don't know why, but even as a small child I was entranced and enthralled by tales of Arthurian legend and stories of the Middle Ages. Now I'm middle aged myself and the interest remains.

I'm fortunate to live in rural North Yorkshire which is an area rich in medieval ruins, for example Castle Bolton, Middleham Castle, Pickering, Scarborough and...and...and. I can see the attraction for those people in military reenactment societies.


World War I:

Moving into recent history, this is the area which interests me the most. For some reason it is a period which has always fascinated me, even before I read Wilfred Owen's evocative poems for my English 'A' Level. I've never before nor since come across poetry which had such a profound effect on me.
I really must visit the battlefields one day.

Wilfred Owen links:

There are a lot of Wilfred Owen sites on the Web, many just with one poem, or a few on. I haven't linked to those.


Why these three periods? No idea. Perhaps I should do regression under hypnosis sometime.

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