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Spoken of as the fastest-growing sport in the world and called ‘Dodgeball on steroids’ by the Americans VX is Britain’s latest sporting gift to the world.

Two teams of 5 players in a sports hall, each player armed with a VstiX which looks loosely like a double-ended lacrosse stick.  No goals.  No zones . No markings.  No targets. Players can go anywhere and score points by hitting an opponent with a ball below head height (scores one point) or catching an opponent’s strike (scores two points).  And with five players per side there are five balls in play which makes it a fast and furious game.

In it’s short life it’s had a massive impact, whipping through schools in the UK, making inroads into leisure centres, prisons, colleges, universities, youth groups, hospitals (where it is used to combat obesity) and community groups.  It is used to increase participation, to help disenfranchised youngsters, to increase fitness, to combat obesity - and to have fun.  Unique in that there are no stops, there are five balls and it is totally mixed - males and females play on an equal basis in mixed teams.

Other official variations:

V2 - two players on a squash court.  Three balls.  Incredibly intense.  Very gladiatorial and great fun

V3 - three players on a squash court.  Every man for himself.

Pairs - 2v2 on a squash court

V2: Gladiatorial, Intense, Personal