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Dr Feelgood

I saw these guys on Geordie Scene in the early 70s and was hooked immediately.  What a revelation.  Bought the LP the following day and never looked back.  Have followed Feelgood and Wilko ever since.  After a health scare Wilko is still gigging and as good as ever.  Feelgood are still touring, too - none of the original members left in the band since Lee Brilleaux died but the current line up are the best since the originals in my mind.

Going to Feelgood & Wilko gigs it was always mainly guys of my age, but since the film Oil City Confidential the tickets are harder to get hold of, it’s a bigger crowd, a younger crowd and there are more women in the crowd.  It introduced Feelgood and Wilko to a whole new audience.  And since Wilko’s health battle he’s been elevated to the status of a national treasure.

There are still some albums I haven’t got ...

If you get chance try and see the brilliant Oil City Confidential - Julien Temple’s film about the Feelgoods.  I also recommend getting hold of Wilko’s book ‘Looking Back at Me’

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