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Meet Jessica

Jessica is a JBA Falcon 2+2 based on a Ford Cortina.  It took years to get her on the road because she always seemed to have to be knocked to the back of the queue.  There was a period after we moved house when she wasn’t touched for 2 years, and even after that I got a couple of hours one week, one hour the next.  No wonder it took so long ...

Before I started on her the only mechanical experience I had was that I had changed the oil once on my wife’s car - so it was a steep learning curve.

We got there in the end and I really enjoyed driving her.  One year, at the end of the season I put her in the garage and noticed a fuel leak.  I figured I would sort it over winter but then was made redundant and since then I haven’t had the time or the money to sort it and the longer she sits there the more she deteriorates and the more money and time she needs.  Neither of which I have so she still languishes in the garage until I can get it sorted

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