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I’ll just focus on Buzz, Izzy & Chloe.

Buzz was our old cat. I’d never had a cat but this one was determined to move in with us and she taught me what fantastic creatures cats are.  I used to have a corgi and still love dogs but now I appreciate just how special cats are too.

She was about 19 when she died.

Then we got Izzy and Chloe, also a couple of torties, but with some white, too.

Although sisters they are very different.  Chloe is a real Daddy’s girl.  Very sweet-natured.  She expects me to take her for a walk across the field every morning.  Izzy on the other hand is a very-complex character who needs a lot of understanding.  

Chloe is very clever - even has her on FaceBook page!

Below is a handful of photos of Chloe and Izzy.