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OK, Before we start, this is a very basic personal page. It's simply a personal statement about naturism:
I'm a naturist and proud of it.
If you're looking for photos, I'm sorry, these pages will be disappointing. My wife is a teacher and hence it is deemed 'inappropriate'. Why are the British so repressed about these things?  There are other Paul Hildreths on the web and one even feels it necessary to state on his website ‘I’m not the Paul Hildreth who’s a naturist’.
In these pages you'll find my personal views on naturism, and the documentation of the building of a sauna, an above ground pool and a garden naturist area.

I've been a naturist for many years - and that is brave in North Yorkshire! Unfortunately, opportunities are limited where we live. There are a couple of clubs around, but I really haven't the time (or the money) to get involved in the club scene. We did have one official naturist beach - but that was removed. It was, however, still used as an unofficial beach, but in June 1998 the authorities started sending the police in. So, now there are zero naturist locations on our coastline. In fact, the nearest official naturist beach (as far as I know) is in Norfolk!! Another difficulty is the weather - we don't often have lovely weather up here, and its even more rare that good weather coincides with free time. Free time!! What's that?
I've decided to work on creating a little
naturist area in the garden. That'll keep me going until we find more and better opportunities. We got to the point where we put an above ground pool in.
The patio by the house loses the sun around 3.30 in the afternoon, but the naturist area gets the evening sun, too. I can hardly wait...

How did I get into naturism? I've always wanted to try it.  I was born a naturist. I have some very good friends in Bavaria. In fact they are more family than friends. I was staying with some of them in the early 80s and we went for an evening swim in the pool in their garden. They were already naturists and I finally had the opportunity. I've never looked back. I just wish I had more time and opportunity now. The three aspects which, to me, are most important are:

When we have to go to a textile beach and people are doing that ridiculous dance behind a a towel as they get changed, we just strip off and then put our swimming costumes - and those few seconds when we are without clothes are the most comfortable of the day. And I hate having to wear a swimming costume to swim. Swimming naked is something totally different. Unfortunately, here in Britain most people seem to be far too repressed and to be far too self conscious. There are a lot of misconceptions about naturism. This is shown by the fact that only a few newsagents stock naturist magazines and when they do they are kept along with top shelf titles. This attitude was also demonstrated by the media reaction to the Channel 5 Naturist week programmes, in particular the game show Naked Jungle. Most of the media feedback I read took the line about lowering of standards and equated it with pornography and titillation. One writer in the Daily Mail even wrote something along the lines of how it would be harder to find anything less exciting and erotic. Surely that shows the misunderstandings with which we have to cope - naturism isn't meant to be titillating and erotic. Another letter writer, obviously a textile, criticised the participants for not having perfect and attractive bodies. Yet another victim of the body police. Sorry, I could go on about this for ages but there are other people on the web who explain the philosophy much better than I currently have the time to do. Go and have a look at the link pages

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