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Steam Trains

I’m not a train spotter - I’ve never recorded loco numbers but I do appreciate the beauty of the steam locomotive - the sight, the sound, the smell.  You see, these beasts aren’t machines, they are alive.  I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a child  - and I’m only one of many.

If you doubt me, have a look at some evocative photos from the era of steam or, even better, some Terence Cuneo  paintings.  I first came across Cuneo’s pictures on the covers of the Hornby model railway catalogues when I was a kid.  Cuneo really brings the beasts to life - and extra pleasure is to be had looking for the mouse that is hidden somewhere in the painting.  Cuneo’s daughter, Carole, has started a company, Cuneo Fine Arts, to ensure his art lives on.  There are some nice examples of his work on their site.  I thoroughly recommend you go and have a look.

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